Yolk are a recruitment company that specialise in building relationships in order to match employment vacancies with the right people. They were planning to move to a new office building in Cardiff and wanted to create a space that accounted for the time spent working as well as the time spent on break. This was named The Shell!

We created a reception desk clad in accoya softwood with liberon sealer finish. We also, with the help of our friends at Artworks, created a ‘Yolk’ sign made from oiled accoya with attached acrylic. In order to ensure that the hard working employees of Yolk Recruitment were recognised for their achievements we also created an Awards wall. This was designed so that the ‘Record Breakers’ and ‘Yolk Legends’ could have their pictures displayed.  It also gave the employees the satisfaction of hitting the gong when a sale is made; employee motivation at its finest!