123 Buckingham Palace ROAD – London

Located in the Victoria area of London 123 BPR is a large office complex housing different companies and also the Google Academy

We where commissioned by the fit out contractor to manufacture bespoke joinery pergolas with matching waterproof planters, desks and ceiling rafts for the atrium area.

Below the central walkway we fitted light weight laminated ceiling rafts.  Designing a mounting system and providing technical drawings and weights to the structural engineer is all part of our service.

The pergolas where made from Egger laminated birch ply and glulam beams.  This meant they would be strong but no too heavy.  Working together with the designers we came up with hexagonal screens with holes and colored inserts.

The pergolas keep the space feeling open while also creating a sense of a room when you are inside them.

Now visitors and staff alike have a space to work away form their desk or catch up together socially.