BRistol airport – silverzone

The Silverzone parking check in at Bristol Airport is first place that people get to when they arrive, so the design needed to impress as well as be very functional and long lasting

For the back to back drop off and collect desks we used Staron solid surface which allows for the seamless look on the desk and is also very durable.  There was a lot of different equipment to go in the desks so we took details of all of this and included it on our production drawings.  We also talked through with the staff as to how they operate and took this into account in the desk design.

All of the stainless steel foot rails, plinths and also the illuminated signage and feature reed light boxes where part of the joinery works.  This reduces interface issues and speeds up the fitting process.

The flight information display unit is made of Fenix NTM laminated black throughout MDF so that slots could be put in for ventilation.

This same black throughout MDF was used on the centre divide wall to give the black line pattern when the laminate was routed through.  A small detail used to big effect.