October 2, 2019

Thanks Daniel Cox – Happy Retirement!

Today we say happy retirement to Dan Cox. After 8 years of service and dedication to Reynolds Collcutt we wish Dan a long and happy retirement.
We presented him with a new golf cart and bag to enjoy in his newly found free time! We can’t thank him enough for his contribution over the years, he is a model employee and he will be missed by us all.

Dan has been using his skill and craftsmanship for over 40 years. His training as a pattern maker resulted in an attention to detail that is hard to come by today.

Before CNC machines foundry pattern makers were woodworkers with skills of a woodcarver, woodturner and cabinet maker in in one. When an object was made from cast iron, cast aluminum or any liquified metal the pattern maker was employed to make a wood model of the object. The original pattern had to be made slightly larger, as metal shrinks when it cools; and often the pattern is made in puzzle-like parts, as the sand mold must be “rammed up” in a certain manner and the parts of the pattern must be removed from the sand mold without altering the negative space which is left behind in the sand. Even for a simple dinner fork a block of steel is made to mirror the back of the fork and a block of steel is made to mirror the top of the fork. This is all now done on CAD and a CNC machine!